...is a lightweight open source terminal IRC client written in C by some guy, and a monument to the questionable practice of BDD (Beer Driven Development).


rirc is still under development

rirc is a hobby project; although c99 compliant, it may not compile for you. If it does compile, many features you might expect are still left to be implemented and many known (and likely even more unknown) bugs exist.

rirc was largely tested on local ngircd, freenode and espernet. It's entirely possible that errors occur on other networks. IRC daemon RFC 2812 standard compliance in the wild seems loose at best.

Build issues and bug reports can be sent to mail@rcr.io

Beers can be bought for the developer via bitcoin at:


Building rirc

Grab the latest source, e.g.:

curl -L http://github.com/rcr/rirc/tarball/master | tar xvf -


make clean rirc

Debug build:

make clean debug

Basic usage


  1. ^N : Go to next channel
  2. ^P : Go to previous channel
  3. ^L : Clear channel
  4. ^X : Close channel
  5. ^F : Find channel
  6. ^C : Cancel input/action
  7. ^U : Scroll buffer up
  8. ^D : Scroll buffer down

Commands (ABNF):

  1. /connect [<host> | <host:port> | <host port>]
  2. /close
  3. /disconnect [quit message]
  4. /me <message>
  5. /join [target[,targets]*]
  6. /nick [nick]
  7. /part [target[,targets]*] [part message]
  8. /priv <target> <message>
  9. /raw <raw message>
  10. /quit [quit message]
  11. /version
  12. /ignore [nick]
  13. /unignore [nick]

Known issues